A Tribute To The Counselor Who Saved My Life

A Tribute To The Counselor Who Saved My Life

 Linda Simpsonwriter, poet, guidance education advocate, loving Mum and Gramma

There it was, Pat's name tucked under the most recent obituaries in the local newspaper. Her name, short list of relatives, loved her dog, and a successful career as a social worker. Nowhere in the obituary did it say she saved lives. I know she did because she saved mine.

It was more than 20 years ago when I first met Pat. I was raggedly stitched together emotionally when a very astute older friend identified my emotional abuse and suggested I start seeing Pat.

Emotional abuse is odd in that there are no visible scars. It all happens so insidiously, behind closed doors. I remember vividly the sense of isolation and the lack of self- worth. Back then all I did was wake up every day and hope I could hold myself together for another day in my marriage.