A house is just a house until you ‘make it a home’

After my recent purchase of a home in Lethbridge (my son attends university there), I was reminded of how much work, how much detail and how much time can be consumed by this exciting venture. There are things to handle before closing like insurance, utilities, and lawyer’s documents. Then of course there are all of the details once you actually take possession of the home like, changing addresses, cleaning, moving, painting, etc. While running a household with teenagers still at home, running a business full time and trying to find time to exercise and perhaps socialize, it seemed at times an overwhelming task over a very short time period (of course, it didn’t help that most of this was happening two hours south of where I actually reside).

In separation/divorce, the purchase of a new home is not always a choice but a necessary financial decision often the result of financial circumstance. I began to think of how much more difficult and perhaps sad this same process can be for men and women moving out of the home where they’ve left their hopes and dreams. If I can impart to you any words of wisdom, it would be to see the change or move as the next step in your journey. Embrace the move as a fresh start because after all, a house is just a house until you ‘make it a home’.