Are you teaching your children about money?

In our divorce practice we continue to see many clients who have little ‘money knowledge’. Our passion is to empower women and men by educating them about their financial situation so that they can make sound financial decisions with respect to their divorce.

It seems that for many families, talking about money is still taboo! The adults make it, the kids ask for it, and that’s that! That is simply NOT enough. We must instill in our children a sense of financial responsibility. This can begin as soon as they start learning their ‘A, B, Cs’.

Money affects us every day. Children must learn about income, expenses, needs, wants and saving. It is our job as parents to guide our children so that they have every opportunity to become financially responsible adults. You are probably thinking, ‘well if I don’t know much about finances, how in the world will I teach my children?’

There are so many great resources to guide you. At Alberta Divorce Finances we provide our clients with workbooks and resources to begin their child’s financial education. I assure you that these lessons are even more important than sports, dance, piano and every other activity that your child participates in. Most kids won’t just figure it out!

Our children are our blessing; show them how much you care.