Calgary has a lot to offer to help you through your divorce

During the divorce process we can often feel like the loneliest person in the world. We look to family friends and colleagues but many of us neglect to remember how important professional support resources can be. At a time in our life when we should probably not be making any major decisions, divorce demands decision…


Separated but living together, an oxymoron?

Many couples on the journey of separation/divorce find themselves in the unenviable position of having to continue to live together because they cannot afford two separate residences.  You might be thinking that this sounds absurd but it is reality for many couples. In today’s depressed real estate market couples often find that they simply cannot…


Beware of your spouse’s debts

At a recent CDFA™ conference, I learned that until a legal separation agreement is actually signed, the debts and/or decisions of your spouse post-separation may significantly and adversely affect you financially and there may actually be nothing you can do, especially in a high conflict separation. If your spouse decides to file for bankruptcy (a…


Children and divorce

September is often a month of change. For children there could be new schools to attend and new friends to meet. As adults, we may take on new jobs, and perhaps enter into new relationships. For some, this past summer may have seen the ending of a relationship and the decision to embark on the…


What is your money personality?

Most of us have heard that money is often the catalyst to a couple’s separation and divorce. Many of us have a difficult time keeping our relationships even keel when it comes to money. In one of my newsletter, reference was made to a quiz on money personalities. The author’s point was that we often…


Co-operate with your ex when it comes to your children

Hopefully, summer is finally here to stay. The warm sun seems to feel so good when we have been deprived for so long. For those of you with children, summer often means vacation, entertaining children, camp, and trips to the beach and enjoying down time. For families going through separation/divorce, it often also includes the…


A house is just a house until you ‘make it a home’

After my recent purchase of a home in Lethbridge (my son attends university there), I was reminded of how much work, how much detail and how much time can be consumed by this exciting venture. There are things to handle before closing like insurance, utilities, and lawyer’s documents. Then of course there are all of…


Going through divorce and in the dark about family finances?

Are you realizing as you go through divorce that you know little about your family finances? As we at Alberta Divorce Finances are constantly preaching, education is POWER in divorce! We are meeting with more and more men and women who were uninvolved or who have little knowledge of their family financial situation. When we…