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Alberta Divorce FinancesDivorce is a stressful time! We consult with clients to provide clarity, support and understanding. We know firsthand how difficult and overwhelming the process can be in Calgary and Alberta. We are here to help! It’s ALWAYS essential to clearly understand the financial and tax implications of property division and support in divorce. It is wise to get the facts you need as early as possible so that you can protect your assets.      

We will:

  • Educate you on “what you need to know” about the finances of divorce in Calgary & Alberta
  • Review your potential settlement options and their financial and taxation implications
  • Help you understand what the future might look like
We will help you with any or all of the following:
  • Accurately determine the value and division of marital property
  • Prepare net worth statements and budgets
  • Help you understand child and/or spousal support and determine guideline income
  • Review alternative financial divorce settlements
  • Recommend tax-minimizing strategies
  • Discuss available government benefits you will be entitled to
  • Recalculate child and/or spousal support
And finally, DON’T sign your legal separation agreement without meeting with us first! Ensure nothing has been missed and that ALL financial and tax implications have been correctly addressed!

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