Calgary Family Mediation Services Help Couples Negotiate Divorce

Learn How Divorce Mediation Works

Family mediation in Calgary (also known as divorce mediation) is an alternative to court proceedings. The mediator listens to both sides of each issue, looks for what you have in common, and tries to help you reach a consensus that is best for your family. Family mediation isn’t just dividing up your stuff – it’s helping your family rebuild after your separation and the divorce financial planning that will be a necessary part of your family’s future.

However, the mediator will not tell you what to do. Your role as a spouse and parent is to listen to the other spouse/parent’s concerns, not only about the children but about their own needs and interests, and then decide if what they want can be shared with you and benefit everyone involved.

What To Expect During Divorce Mediation

When you go into a divorce mediation session you are expected to hold your own. You can’t expect to be treated like a child or to have another person fight your case for you. This is an adversarial process which means the mediator will ask both parties to communicate their ideas of what they feel is fair, reasonable, and acceptable.

In a divorce mediation session, everything depends on the situation. Each case is unique and has a different set of circumstances that must be addressed during the mediation process. Good Calgary divorce mediators will help the couple focus on the issues that are important in order for them to get on with their new lives.

Mediators Are Unbiased Third Parties, Not Advocates For Either Party

In a divorce, you have a few choices. You can either represent yourself, which is not recommended for several reasons, hire a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf (this can be very costly!) or get assistance from a professional mediator. Some may think that mediators are just advocates for one of the divorcing spouses. This is far from the truth.

Mediators are impartial individuals who assist in negotiations to help two parties settle the dispute. Contrary to popular belief, mediators are not advocates for either party. They simply act as a facilitator trying to get both parties to mutually agree upon an outcome that benefits both, or at the very least, doesn’t hurt either party.

How To Get Started Finding A Mediator

Do you know how to choose a mediator? If you are getting divorced, you might be considering using a licensed settlement negotiator. Below are some steps to help you find a mediator that will be a good fit for you and your situation:

  1. Know what a mediator is and how mediation works;
  2. Find what you need before going searching;
  3. Understand how mediation can help;
  4. Learn about different types of mediators;
  5. Set up an initial consultation;
  6. Review the terms of representation;
  7. Consider cost, location, and convenience; and
  8. Find out about qualifications and experience.

The Takeaway on Calgary Divorce Mediators

In the alternative to family court, mediators will help you and your spouse come up with a mutually acceptable agreement on all of your family issues. In fact, they only leave when you’ve reached an agreement. If you want to keep your divorce out of court, mediation can be a good solution for you.