Can You Turn a Bad Situation Into Good Money?

Can You Turn a Bad Situation Into Good Money?

PREPARE NOW! SAVE LATER! Are you going through a separation or divorce? It is critical to negotiate certain income tax return items in your separation agreement. The Eligible Dependent Amount was worth $3,747 in tax savings (refund) to an Alberta parent in 2019. The credit is available federally and, in most provinces, as well. Single…


Are you teaching your children about money?

In our divorce practice we continue to see many clients who have little ‘money knowledge’. Our passion is to empower women and men by educating them about their financial situation so that they can make sound financial decisions with respect to their divorce. It seems that for many families, talking about money is still taboo!…


Children and divorce

September is often a month of change. For children there could be new schools to attend and new friends to meet. As adults, we may take on new jobs, and perhaps enter into new relationships. For some, this past summer may have seen the ending of a relationship and the decision to embark on the…


Co-operate with your ex when it comes to your children

Hopefully, summer is finally here to stay. The warm sun seems to feel so good when we have been deprived for so long. For those of you with children, summer often means vacation, entertaining children, camp, and trips to the beach and enjoying down time. For families going through separation/divorce, it often also includes the…