Don’t Go Solo!

Don’t Go Solo!

Don’t Go Solo! Many people ask me this question: Can I bring a relative or friend along with me when I meet my lawyer? ABSOLUTELY! (Obviously you should first check with your lawyer but there shouldn’t ever be an issue). In fact, you shouldn’t go meet with your lawyer without bringing someone along. Divorce is…

10 Financial “Must-Knows”  to Successfully Survive Your Divorce

10 Financial “Must-Knows” to Successfully Survive Your Divorce

10 Financial “Must-Knows”  to Successfully Survive Your Divorce 1. Money will almost always become an issue in divorce • Many people start out thinking and believing the promise that things will always be divided evenly and straightforward • Money is sometimes used as a bargaining tool to resolve other issues 2. Gather everything you can…


Calgary has a lot to offer to help you through your divorce

During the divorce process we can often feel like the loneliest person in the world. We look to family friends and colleagues but many of us neglect to remember how important professional support resources can be. At a time in our life when we should probably not be making any major decisions, divorce demands decision…