Children and divorce

September is often a month of change. For children there could be new schools to attend and new friends to meet. As adults, we may take on new jobs, and perhaps enter into new relationships. For some, this past summer may have seen the ending of a relationship and the decision to embark on the journey of separation or divorce. For children whose parents have made this decision, September can be especially difficult. Many children begin spending time in 2 homes instead of the 1 that they shared with mom and dad. Contending with all of this can be overwhelming for our children at any age. Rely on family, friends, teachers and of course your co-parent, to offer children all of the support they will need.

In Connie Ahrons landmark study, detailed in her book “We’re still family”, if we have a co-operative relationship with our ex-spouse or partner and if the children have a good quality relationship with both mom and dad, then we help lay the groundwork for our children’s future success.