A Simple Introduction to Divorce Mediation in Alberta

Going through a divorce can be difficult for several people, but choosing that arrangement is often best for both parties. Granted, it is not a simple arrangement to come to terms with nor an easy process to undergo. There are even cases where lawyers will be required to assist with the process in Alberta. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Divorce mediation is an option available for couples struggling with their separation. It’s a process used to reach an agreement between the parties involved. The mediator helps with developing a plan that works for you and your former spouse. If you want to learn more about it, continue reading this introduction to divorce mediation.

What Should You Expect from Divorce Mediation?

Try to treat divorce mediation as a meeting of the minds between the couple. The mediator will help the couple discover common ground between them, which can be used to settle differences between them in a reasonable manner.

Mediation is a more collaborative effort compared to other alternatives. This way, the couple doesn’t have to waste time and money fighting about the same issues over and over again. The problem would be resolved quickly.

How Do You Prepare for Divorce Mediation?

There are several people involved in divorce mediation in Alberta, and the first step of preparation is to set the meeting. You and your former spouse should be present with an open mind, along with a mediator.

The mediator must be neutral and has no ties to either party involved, so they don’t have any bias. It is also someone familiar with family law, so they know what is required to help the couple. Be sure to work with a reputable mediation service.

What Are the Rules of Divorce Mediation?

When you look into divorce mediation, you’ll quickly discover many variations that look into specific aspects of the marriage. Consider combining different processes if it will make things easier on everyone. And, as a general rule, always handle things in a very professional manner.

The mediator is always neutral as they guide both parties involved in the process. When you’re mediating, you must be completely honest and upfront. If you’re not, the mediator will let you know. Plus, there’s also a clear confidentiality rule that must be followed.

What Are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

Firstly, you can keep track of your costs and finances better. You’re also able to negotiate your own terms. This is something that many people don’t have the confidence to do, but you’re more than able to state things that you need from the marriage and from your former spouse.

Some people also find that it’s much easier to deal with their divorce this way. When you’re dealing with lawyers, things can get nasty and stressful. Divorce mediation is just a great way to have a say in the process.


Getting a mediator for divorce is a great way to have control over your divorce. You don’t have to fight with your spouse over your assets and finances. You can work together in a relaxed manner to find suitable arrangements.

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