Divorce Tax Planning


Divorce is a complex process that will impact your financial and taxation situation now and in the future. Sharon is a Certified Tax Professional in Calgary who can help you analyze and understand the rules around what you can claim on your tax return given your new situation. We will help you deal with Canada Revenue Agency and ease your stress at one of the most difficult time in your life.

Did you know that some tax credits and deductions rely on your legal separation agreement to substantiate your claims?

Our Divorce Tax Planning Specialist will work with your divorce lawyer to ensure the correct wording is included in your agreement; CRA will be satisfied when they request the supporting documentation like your legal separation agreement or divorce judgement. Getting this done after the fact can be challenging, costly and time consuming.

In recent years Canada Revenue Agency has really clamped down on challenging and assessing the claims of separating and divorcing taxpayers. It creates even more stress at an already very stressful time.

The “Amount For An Eligible Dependent” (line 305) presents the biggest challenge to higher income earning parents in shared parenting arrangements. We have helped many of our clients sort through the CRA jungle to rightfully claim and save a great deal of money.

Meet with us to ensure you do not miss out on thousands of dollars. Book a free consultation with us today!

Divorce Tax Planning in Calgary with Calgary’s Choice Tax Services and Alberta Divorce Finances

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