Don’t Go Solo!

Don’t Go Solo!

Many people ask me this question:

Can I bring a relative or friend along with me when I meet my lawyer?

ABSOLUTELY! (Obviously you should first check with your lawyer but there shouldn’t ever be an issue). In fact, you shouldn’t go meet with your lawyer without bringing someone along.

Divorce is one of the most stressful times in your life. At a time when you probably are not emotionally capable of making any big decisions, divorce demands decision making that will alter the rest of your life. Bringing someone with you will give you an extra set of eyes and ears.  It is a little bit like accompanying your elderly parents to a doctor’s appointment. When they attend on their own, they may not remember details, next steps, etc.

Often when a situation affects us so personally, our ability to focus is compromised. At expensive hourly rates your time with your lawyer should be as productive as possible. Have this person take notes, jot down questions and concerns. By having a friend or relative join you at your lawyer’s meeting, you won’t have to try and recall details or remember what information your lawyer relayed and you will have someone else to review the issues with.

In separation and divorce it is crucial to your well being to do anything possible to reduce your stress level. Support during this time will certainly help to empower you.