Going through divorce and in the dark about family finances?

Are you realizing as you go through divorce that you know little about your family finances?

As we at Alberta Divorce Finances are constantly preaching, education is POWER in divorce!

We are meeting with more and more men and women who were uninvolved or who have little knowledge of their family financial situation. When we got married, we each assumed the particular roles that helped our families run as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes this meant that one partner was not at all involved with the family finances. On some occasions it was because we chose not to be involved and sometimes it may have been that we weren’t allowed to be. If you are facing either case and contemplating or going through divorce, this fact makes the journey that much more difficult. Lawyers ask you to relay financial documentation and information that you may not have or worse may not understand. This very fact seems to make people feel ashamed and sometimes humiliated. People are embarrassed that they do not know more. Both men and women seem to be unjustly berating themselves over this fact, on top of the stressful situation of divorce that they are already going through. Ensure you have professional support in divorce to see you through these shortcomings.

There are lots of great resources to help you begin your financial education. Start with the very basics. You don’t need to learn everything today, get through your divorce and then begin to plan. You will have to pay your own bills, manage your own money and make decisions about investments. Rely on professional support to help you in this area. ALWAYS go with your gut and treat yourself kindly! Soon you will be managing your OWN financial situation.  As you travel this journey toward independence, remember that it is never too late to learn.