Helping divorcing couples keep their money from the tax man

Well, we at Alberta Divorce Finances have survived another tax season (as most of you know we also spend 2 months of the year preparing over 200 tax returns). It was extremely busy this year but as always, very rewarding. It gives us great pleasure to keep money in our clients’ pockets (legally of course) and out of the hands of the TAX man. We worked with many divorcing clients this year and in many cases did the returns of divorcing couples; we prepared both spouse’s returns in order to maximize their joint tax savings. This may sound strange but many couples going through divorce want to save as much money as possible and are willing to have their tax preparer help them through this process together. There are many advantages to one ex-spouse versus the other claiming certain tax deductions or credits but you must be willing to SHARE in these savings. Co-operation and mutual respect in this area can prove very very lucrative. Don’t miss out!