How Long Does Divorce Mediation Usually Take?

What Is Divorce Mediation?

The process of divorce mediation in Calgary (also known as family mediation when children are involved) is an alternative option for resolving a divorce. It is more amicable than utilizing the court system. The process establishes an opportunity for the spouses to settle their differences in a peaceful environment, which reduces the likelihood of costly legal fees and getting involved in a contentious legal battle.

The 6 Stages Of Divorce Mediation

The six stages may vary in time frame depending on how long the conflict has been going on. The principle of mediation is to resolve the conflict efficiently. This is done by having all parties attend the sessions and express their views, problems, and sometimes psychological components. Mediators attempt to create a relationship of friendly adversarial maneuver while trying to resolve other issues that arise.

The divorce mediation process is challenging; divorcing couples are under extreme pressure, they are faced with huge expenses and possibly even changing identities. They have few resources to fall back on and no control over their circumstances, they need to compromise beyond what is comfortable for them because divorce represents a change in roles and statuses.

Divorce mediation in Calgary can be broken up into six stages to help make the process manageable. These include:

  1. The opening stage: preliminary remarks by all parties;
  2. The core stage: information gathering time;
  3. The analytical stage: identification of the problems;
  4. The bargaining and negotiating stage: the generation of options and drafting of a settlement/agreement;
  5. The closing stage: final remarks, and signing of the agreement by all parties; and
  6. The implementation stage.

How Long Does Divorce Mediation Take?

How long does divorce mediation take? Understandably, this is a key concern for any married couple considering divorce. The duration of the mediation process depends on the factors involved. Knowing what factors may contribute to the process can help couples determine how long they actually have to wait for their divorce to be finalized.

In general, there are a few factors that affect the length of the divorce mediation process. One of them is the couple’s readiness to enter into a mediated settlement. Settling differences without litigation takes time, negotiation, compromise, and patience. If one or both parties are entrenched in their positions, there will be more hurdles to jump over before they can agree on a settlement.

What Is Included In The Mediation Process?

Divorce mediation tends to be very different from other forms of conflict resolution and comes with its own specific challenges, benefits, and questions. The process begins with the two spouses agreeing to enter into a mediation process.

This can sometimes be a difficult step for the spouses to overcome on their own but it is essential that neither party makes the decision without also gaining approval from the other spouse. After the initial agreement, then the two parties will meet with a mediator who will go over the divorce mediation process with them.

The Takeaway

There is no standard time frame for divorce mediation in Calgary. However, a typical divorce mediation process can be shorter than an adversarial divorce. In fact, most cases are settled within six months from the date of application. You can expect the court system to take longer on average to settle a case.