How To Handle Dating While Separated:

A Blog About Handling A Relationship While Going Through A Separation In Alberta

It is natural to feel lonely and want companionship after separation or divorce. You may be wondering if you should act on your feelings and start dating again. There are two issues for you to consider if you were thinking about resuming your dating life: possible legal issues and other relationship concerns.

If you are not thinking of getting back together with your spouse, but want to protect yourself against future claims, it’s important you know the ins and outs of dating while going through a separation in Alberta, Canada.

Contact A Professional For Advice Or To Get A Separation Agreement

Dating while separated or divorced can be difficult. If you are moving forward with a new relationship soon after you’ve separated, it will require careful planning and good communication skills. If done right, dating can be enjoyable and has little effect on your legal situation.

If things don’t go as you plan, you could lose your rights to property or even custody of your children. You may even build up arguments about what you should receive if the relationship comes to an end. Contact a family law lawyer and a divorce mediator to assist in the creation of a separation agreement so you know what is coming next.

Once You’ve Made A Decision, Prepare Yourself And Your Children

Divorce is not easy for anyone involved. While the only thing that is absolute when it comes to divorce is that it will change your children’s lives forever, there are ways that you can ease the transition and provide them with a level of stability in an otherwise chaotic time.

Divorcing parents need to take care of themselves and be aware of how their actions could affect the children. Here are 8 steps divorcing parents can take to help prepare children for their impending divorce:

  1. Prepare yourself for what you are about to do;
  2. Prepare your children;
  3. Talk to your children;
  4. Keep the lines of communication open;
  5. As difficult as it can be, have a set date for when you will tell them;
  6. Find out what the other parent is telling the children so you are all on the same page;
  7. Watch for signs of stress in your children, and take it seriously; and
  8. Watch for behavioral changes in your child.

How To Handle Dating While Separated

If you’re dating while going through a separation in Alberta, knowing about the laws and guidelines of taking a new partner into your life is as important as your decisions around dating. You want to be sure that you and your spouse are on the same page about what your separation from one another means and lay down some guidelines for both of you to follow.

Being separated and dating another person is a common issue for many couples. You can’t remarry until your divorce is final, but you shouldn’t be stuck without the possibility of being in a committed relationship (however, reaching such an agreement with your spouse can be difficult). Remember that as long as you are separated but not yet divorced, there will be some limitations to the amount of money you can spend on dates or vacations with your partner.

You should also take into account that if you don’t follow the court’s orders and restrictions and remain in contact with your spouse, your judge may hint at increased costs and penalties if he/she is to make a custody decision later. Therefore, it is generally recommended to avoid dating during divorce litigation.

The Dating Takeaway:

The best way to prevent issues is to plan ahead and keep an open line of communication with your spouse. Make sure to maintain an amicable relationship, especially if the two of you have kids.