Keep Calm and Stay Amicable:

A blog encouraging couples to pursue amicable divorce.

Divorce is rarely the easy option. There are circumstances when going through a divorce is just as difficult as being in an unhappy marriage. What issues are at stake? Money, children, and property can be the most difficult things to part with during a divorce.

Through mediation, the parties can agree on all of these issues and come to a mutual agreement. They also have the ability to change their mind about what the agreement should look like because it’s a contract they both signed off on.

While there are no studies to show that Calgary divorce mediation is always the best avenue, there are some logical reasons why it’s the preferred method for controlling divorce costs. All conflicts end with compromise and it’s an opportunity to help keep the costs of your divorce lower than if you were to have a lawyer negotiate on your behalf.

Listed below are just a few of the ways mediation can help keep a divorce amicable:

  1. Mediation can help couples minimize the impact on children and extended family members;
  2. Planning the divorce rather than reacting to a crisis enables you to manage stressful feelings more effectively and make your own choices regarding who supports you during the divorce process; and
  3. During mediation, you and your spouse will work together to create a plan for dividing assets and child custody, rather than having that task awarded by a judge.

How Divorce And Family Mediation in Alberta Helps Keep Costs Low

Let’s be honest, there’s no factual basis that tells us what the best way to deal with divorce issues is. Separation is a grueling process. Getting blacklisted by your in-laws because you are not part of their “picture perfect” family can be unsettling and stressful as well.

If a couple manages to remain civil throughout this untimely and unfortunate process, it would make sense that they should find ways to avoid wasting money by fighting and raging against their soon-to-be ex-spouses. Wasting less money inevitably equates to less stress during an already tumultuous time. Less stress will always be beneficial to both parties during a divorce.

How It’s More Beneficial For Both Parties

While it can be emotionally challenging to remain calm and collected, mediation can ensure that you maintain your dignity and operate within the law. During mediation, parties can review their

finances together, talk about how they would like property divided, discuss child custody situations, and so forth. While some may believe that the divorce process is one-sided and hurts only one person, divorce is generally difficult no matter what side you are and is always tough on the children.

Financial Planning Starts With Reconciling Your Thoughts And Emotions About Divorce.

In mediation, you can each make your own financial plan that best suits your situation. This can help you avoid confrontational discussions that deal with past financial decisions or going through old bank accounts for documentation to support your position – saving you valuable time and money.

Divorce (and especially divorce lawyers in Calgary) can be expensive, especially if you and your spouse are unable to agree on how to divide your property after the divorce. Because mediators are often Certified Divorce Financial Advisors as well, they have an understanding of key issues such as tax codes that can help your spouse and you reach a fair divorce settlement.

Divorcing couples need to know that there are options out there that will help them navigate divorce in a peaceful and productive manner. Divorce planning resources through means of mediation have been developed to help you work through the steps of your divorce, together or separately, so you can reach an agreement about all issues involved in your separation.