The Top 5 Reasons To Choose Family Law Mediation In Calgary:

A blog about the top benefits of mediation.

Family law is daunting. Booking a family lawyer in Calgary can be more expensive than you’d like. There are so many terms and conditions that you may not understand. A third party can help you take the pressure off of making decisions. That’s what mediation does: it allows you to think about what’s best for you. It opens up your communication channels with your partner.

Many couples like to settle divorce issues outside of the court system in a more private setting with the help of a mediator. This saves time and money and involves less stress. It is very common for both spouses to agree on child custody and visitation rights, support payments if necessary, division of all marital property, mortgages, debts, stocks, assets, family heirlooms, trusts, inheritances (which may be community property in some states), pension funds and so forth.

This blog post will give you the top five reasons why family mediation in Calgary is a great option for beginning your journey to becoming divorced.

1. Avoid court costs – Avoiding court costs is a large benefit to consider when looking into family law mediation in Calgary. If you choose to go to court, in the end, you may find that your legal fees cost more than the property settlement. When couples are working together to find a resolution much of the tension is removed from the situation. This reduces stress and costs significantly which otherwise would be paid to lawyers.

2. Private and confidential – Family law cases are often extremely emotionally stressful, which is why there exists the option of family law mediation in Calgary. Mediation allows you to resolve your case in a way that keeps your personal details confidential and is more comfortable for you. While some may think this is a disadvantage for a case, it is definitely beneficial. Because there is no pressure or judgment from lawyers involved in the proceedings, you can feel more comfortable talking about sensitive information that cannot be shared with others.

3. A process that allows you to resolve issues of disagreement in a non-confrontational way, thus saving not only money but time – Couples often end up in court when trying to settle issues of disagreements and conflict. While some may embrace this contentious form of resolution, disagreeing couples would rather find a more peaceful way of settling their disputes. Mediation in Calgary allows couples to control their own destinies by empowering them with the ability to resolve their differences outside of court. Mediation is a process that allows you to resolve issues of disagreement in a non-confrontational way, thus saving not only money but time.

4. Get right back to living your life – No more appeals or waiting in the court system – The process of working with a mediator is much easier and can be completed in a lot less time than dealing with the courts. Mediation allows you to focus on what’s really important — your life. The big benefit here is that you can get back to living your life, rather than wasting time in courtrooms and waiting around for appeals to be filed.

5. You may be able to save yourself from negative emotional trauma, expense, and lengthy delays by proceeding with a mediated divorce – Family law mediation offers a distinct process for handling matrimonial disputes so that a better, more humane, and more civilized end can be reached. It’s a process that is both non-adversarial and private; it can be significantly less expensive than going to trial and appeals, it can avoid the emotional trauma of going through a divorce and of family court battles and it offers an expedient option when compared to waiting for scheduled court dates.

There are so many complex issues surrounding every family situation, and the rules surrounding them can be confusing as they change. When things get tense between you and your spouse, and booking a family lawyer doesn’t sound like an appealing option. A third-party mediator can help you take the pressure off of making decisions.

Family mediation is an alternative to courts when you’re facing these types of disagreements. It allows you to think about what’s best for you — without the pressure of a court case or the expense of hiring a divorce lawyer