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Separation Anxiety: What You Must Know About Spousal Support

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When a marriage or partnership ends, one way to assist the other spouse is through spousal support. Spousal support can be paid at different rates depending on whether the spouses are married or in a civil union. There are also other factors involved. The higher-earning spouse usually pays spousal support to the lower-earning spouse, but this is not always the case. The amount of spousal support and the length of time it is delivered will be decided by numerous elements, including the length of the relationship, the earning capacity of each spouse, and the needs of the spouse receiving support.  If you are considering a divorce, you are probably wondering how to protect your finances and ensure you are getting your fair share. At this point, you need divorce financial advice. Please note that money is a leading reason couples fight and can be a significant source of stress during a divorce.  That is why it is necessary to get divorce financial advice before you separate. A financial advisor can help you understand your rights and options, set realistic expectations, and make a plan for your financial future. 

Who Can Ask for Spousal Support in Alberta?

In Alberta, spousal support is available to marry and common-law spouses. The spouse paying support is known as the “obligor”, and the spouse who receives aid is known as the “obligee.” The rules are not set in stone about who can apply for spousal support or how much support will be awarded. The judge weighs several factors when making a support order, including:
  • The length of the marriage or relationship 
  • Each spouse’s financial contribution to the marriage or relationship 
  • Each spouse’s current financial situation 
  • Each spouse’s future earning potential 
  • The needs of any dependent children
When applying for spousal support, you must seek divorce financial advice before discussing your legal options. It is because divorce financial advice can help you understand the financial implications of divorce and how to protect your interests. It can help you negotiate a fair financial settlement with your ex-partner. Divorce financial advice is essential if you want to ensure that you get a fair financial settlement. It can be challenging to negotiate a fair settlement without expert help.

What Is the Purpose of Spousal Support?

Its objective is to provide financial assistance to a spouse, either unemployed or underemployed. The intention is to help the spouse maintain the same standard of living they had during the marriage. In some situations, spousal support may be ordered for a limited time so that the supported party can get back on their financial feet. In other cases, spousal support may be collected permanently. If you are going through a separation and think you may be entitled to spousal support, you should ask for help from an experienced family law attorney. An attorney can help you understand your rights and options and protect your interests throughout the divorce process.


Spousal support is an essential financial consideration in any divorce. It is necessary to clearly understand your state’s laws regarding spousal support and consult with an experienced family law attorney to ensure your rights are protected. If you seek divorce financial advice, you are better off talking to Alberta Divorce Finances. In this challenging time, you will find comfort that you have us to help you with your finances, so do not hesitate to talk to us. Contact us now for more information!

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