5 Social Media-Related Tips for Divorcees in Canada

Social media makes it easy to publicize anything nowadays. It usually means being a little closer and opening up topics that may be harder to bring up in real life, bringing you closer to a community that understands you. Unfortunately, such complacency can lead to various consequences if you aren’t careful.

For divorcees who are separating from their spouses in Canada, it can be tempting to continue on with your day and go on social media to post about your life, thoughts and more. However, it’s important to avoid any lapses in judgment that would cause regret later on. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while going online:

1) Refrain from Posting

Most people may instinctively share any life events or opinions that they have. It’s so quick to type a tweet or film a short nowadays that you might think it’s completely harmless to do so. However, keep in mind that such posts could be used against you in court. 

It’s ideal to seek out services knowledgeable in Family Law before hitting send. But, as a general rule, try to avoid posting anything. Even just private messages can still be brought up, so just try to exit the apps altogether. Look for a different outlet for stress relief instead.

2) Avoid Clicking Delete

Although it seems tempting to just remove your spouse’s face and voice from your social media profile, it’s sketchy to do so before any court hearing. Keep your digital footprint as is instead rather than being grilled for why past posts are being deleted. It can be mistaken for covering up incriminating evidence.

3) Limit Access on Sites

Some online users might have shared their login information with others, which can often compromise your public platform as those people may post something nasty on your behalf. Be sure to avoid sharing access to your profiles and prevent such posts. Change passwords if you have to while enabling two-factor authentication.

4) Confer with Consultants

There will be a variety of cases that divorcees will have to face regarding social media, whether it’s shared business pages, online postings or more. Your children’s use of different social media channels can be quite difficult to converse about with a calm mind too.

For a civil discussion, be sure to look for consultants who can mediate between you and your spouse. It would help to have similar conversations behind closed doors and with a professional as well instead of turning to online forums and the like for advice and discourse.

5) Try Compartmentalisation

Compartmentalising can be a great technique in case things get too overwhelming and you get the itch to just rant on social media. Separate and categorize what particular things about the divorce are stressing you out and the action you need to take for it.

Such a mindset will make it much easier to schedule and tackle whatever should be discussed. There may be emergencies that you need to account for, but communication and having a timetable to oversee your plans will be key. 


Divorcees may not enjoy the self-restriction that must be practiced, but it’s best for your and your family’s protection to limit whatever you share and reply on the digital space. Just take it as a chance to detoxify from social media and work on other things for your peace of mind.

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