Does Stampede Offer ‘The Perfect Storm’?

Does Stampede Offer ‘The Perfect Storm’? 

” And we aren’t talking about the weather!”

Calgary’s “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”does not always have on display the best that our city has to offer! Stampede has become the only time of year where the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission approves the service of alcohol beginning at 8:00 am. It seems that Stampede events and venues operate all day, at all hours, for ten straight days. Everyone can let loose, dance up a storm, make advances, and whoop it up wearing outfits and exhibiting behaviour that might be considered inappropriate at any other time of year.

Quite often men and women are out at events without their spouse. Many wedding rings find their way into pockets as one drink becomes two and so on. Theoverindulgence in alcohol, loud Country music and wall-to-wall people letting their guard down on the dance floor, may just be the ‘Perfect Storm’.

The secret reality of the correlation between Stampede and the spike in divorce rates in Calgary following our city’s biggest party has long been common knowledge.The spike in divorce rates after Stamped led Calgary artist Shaun Doiron to coin the saying “it’s not Cheatin, it’s Stampedin!”

If your relationship is vulnerable, have a conversation with your spouse about plans and associated boundaries during Stampede events. Preparation and communication can help couples avoid the ‘Perfect Storm’.