Top 5 Reasons To Use Mediation To Resolve Divorce Disputes

Resolving Disputes With Calgary Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce is the toughest thing you will probably have to go through. It can lead to a lot of anxiety, stress and depression and there’s little that can be done for you but wait until the process is finished. It is a long and grueling process of financial, emotional, mental and physical pain but there are ways to make it easier for everyone involved.

Divorce mediation in Calgary is one option that can help prevent you from going through any unnecessary pain or stress over the course of your divorce case. Divorce mediation, also known as collaborative divorce, allows both parties to work together to decide on custody, visitation, child support and other arrangements for the children and themselves individually.

Mediation is an excellent tool to use when trying to resolve divorce disputes in a creative, flexible, and collaborative manner. There are several reasons why it is an effective method for helping people move beyond the challenges of their divorce. Below, are five of the top reasons:

1. It may be less expensive to try mediation first:

For many couples facing divorce, the family law lawyer is the first person to inform you about mediation as a possible way of resolving your divorce. Using mediation to resolve divorce issues can be less expensive than taking a case to court. In fact, using mediation first may be easier on your pocketbook and will often allow you to settle disputes out of court.

2. Mediation can help couples communicate better:

The best way to deal with your divorce is by getting it resolved in the quickest, least expensive and most peaceful manner possible. If you look at many people’s divorce horror stories, most of the problems occur because of the lack of communication between the couple and their lawyers. They feel like they are divided from one another and they can’t communicate about their disagreements. Mediation helps overcome that problem by helping couples have clearer communication about what they want and need during the divorce process.

3. Mediation provides a neutral forum:

It’s no secret that family law disputes revolve around important issues. Divorce mediation (or family law mediation) can resolve many of these issues amicably. Mediation services provide a neutral forum in which divorcing parties are able to discuss their differences openly and calmly with an impartial mediator. A neutral mediator has no stake in the proceedings and can add much needed objectivity to the process.

4. The process may allow unique solutions to emerge that would not otherwise appear:

On occasions, it appears that the process itself may sometimes be a more important aspect than the outcomes. Mediation is particularly useful for separating couples because it focuses on agreement and co-operation. Mediation provides a space where divergent views can be heard, understood and respected. The process of mediation encourages compromise.

5. Mediation allows for privacy and flexibility:

Divorce mediation in Calgary is private and does not allow for either party to be put in the spotlight in front of an audience of strangers. The couple remains in charge of the entire process and can stop the process at any time. There is no judge, jury or court room. Mediation allows for flexibility. It is possible to use this process to assign property, resolve custody issues or complete any other personal legal matter.

Divorce is a difficult time for anyone, and the legal aspects can make it even more stressful. The choice of how to handle this challenging time in your life can be a good one if you choose divorce mediation.