What does ‘Extreme Couponing’ have to do with divorce?

Have you ever watched this new reality television show? At first glance, it seemed preposterous, women spending 30 hours per week collecting and sorting coupons and planning for their next shopping trip. I admit I was intrigued to watch and learn a little bit more about what seemed like an obsession.

After a few episodes, it was clear that these women did not have an addiction, or any other type of problem, they were almost all wives and mothers of families that had fallen on tough times; loss of jobs, foreclosure, death, divorce, etc. Money became scarce and they needed to figure out some way to help their families through the hard times. Each episode focuses on a woman faced with this daunting challenge and each time she discovers that not only can she save thousands and thousands of dollars, she often realizes that couponing is more lucrative than working and in some extreme cases the family is actually able to attain material things that at one time seemed out of reach.

So what in the world does this have to do with separation and divorce? For many men and women, separation and divorce will require financial adjustments. You may have to return to work, reduce your spending, find a way to pay for children’s lessons, etc. My message is simple! If we put our minds to it and dig down deep enough, we can achieve amazing things that we never thought we were capable of!