What energy are you bringing into this space?

“Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space” – Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Though admittedly, I didn’t watch the Oprah Winfrey show very often, I did tune in to the 25 year finale show on May 25th. Oprah has changed alot of lives and in more recent years her messages have always been about helping people understand the power they have to change their own lives. She spoke with a very well-known guest, Dr. Taylor (see her story at www.drjilltaylor.com) during the show about how we are each responsible for the energy we bring into the room, into a situation, ‘into this space’.

I thought that this message was so applicable to those of us who have travelled and are travelling the journey of divorce. Quite often, after separating, our self-worth and emotional well-being has been decimated. We may blame our unhappiness on our parents, our ex-spouse, our families, friends, etc. But really, truly, we are each responsible for our own happiness, we each have the power to choose what we make of and how we travel each day.

Each day we show the world who we truly are by the energy we transmit. Every evening I think back on the day that has gone by and wonder, what kind of energy did I transmit? Did I change the life of even one person? Regardless, I always try and do better the next day. Although quite often during divorce and even post-divorce we feel out of control in many areas of our lives, I speak from experience and can assure you that each day will be what you make it. The energy you receive will be in direct proportion to the energy you give out and only you are responsible for the choices you make, only you are responsible for your own happiness.

What energy will you bring into this space?