You’re Ready for Divorce Mediation When You Notice These

You’re Ready for Divorce Mediation When You Notice These

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No other distress compares to the kind divorce afflicts to those involved. It is a complex process because it affects multiple parties and feelings—emotions are strained, people are usually in pain, and many are grieving the loss of their relationships. Many children get caught up as their parents battle with one another to acquire legal ownership over them. However, you can avoid this outcome due to a third option that’s becoming increasingly popular: divorce mediation. Divorce mediation allows both spouses to work together to find settlement terms they agree on. The process is started with both parties and the mediator hashing out how they can best take care of their children and their financial concerns before ending their marriage. Unlike court battles, both parties control the outcome of their divorce, making it easier for everyone involved. These signs are general indicators that divorce mediation is right for you:

Both Parties Have Similar Goals

First and foremost, both spouses must desire divorce in a friendly manner. They hope to divide the property without problems, and they want to know how the law should handle custody and parenting time. If they can discuss their goals during mediation, they can agree on how to handle the divorce. If both spouses come to the table with some idea or plan regarding parenting time, child support, finances, and other concerns, divorce mediation could be a viable alternative to litigation. 

Both Parties Are Cooperative

Divorce mediation is excellent for couples willing to work together to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Cooperation instead of opposition takes out a great deal of stress from the divorce process. This is achieved when you both have similar goals and work together to arrive at them. This is easier on all involved, especially the children.

Both Parties Are Transparent

When spouses hide and withhold information from each other, the result is often anger and mistrust. For example, a person who does not share the details of their income and assets or the details of their children’s schedules during a divorce will likely experience more stress and difficulty in the process. When spouses share information freely, they can resolve many issues about their divorce.

Both Parties Want to Mitigate Emotional Damage

Many people are hurt by divorce, and children are often a significant casualty. This is often due to the hatred resulting from arguments over custody, property division, finances, and mud-slinging. Divorce mediation aims to give people coping tools to minimize the emotional trauma of divorce by gathering both parties involved and working toward an amicable settlement.  Ideal candidates for mediation want to avoid hurting one another, get through the divorce with as little emotional fallout as possible, and want to protect their children from having to choose between them. This is especially true for soon-to-be-ex-couples who despise dragging out the proceedings in court. Divorce mediation is more intimate, and couples who go through this can find ways to manage emotional pain when they can work together instead of battling each other in a court case.

Do Divorce Mediation Now

Although divorce is never easy, the process is arguably made a little easier when the couple chooses to utilize the services of a mediator to guide them through the process. Divorce mediation does not require that former spouses remain best friends. Some people even prefer to be friends with their ex. But in any case, it allows them to put aside their negative emotions and work towards a solution that best benefits their children and facilitates a positive emotional experience for those involved. If you’re based in Alberta and want to understand better the financial implications of the decision to separate and divorce, seek divorce mediation from Alberta Divorce Finances! Get your free 30-minute consultation by getting in touch with us right now!

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